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Kent VanderKolk - President (email)
(Open) - Executive VP (email)
Zac Coleman - VP, Public Relations & Marketing (email)
Dale Shoemaker - VP, Membership/Chapter Development(email)
Randy Goss - Treasurer (email)
Noel Dickson - Secretary (email)
(Open) - VP, Program (email)
Richard Gonzales - VP, Youth Outreach (email)
Paul Coleman - VP, Music and Performance(email)
David Short - Past President (email)
Terry Healey - Board Member at Large (email)
Tom Knapke - Board Member at Large (email)
Nick Stenger - Board Member at Large (email)
Michele Geoghegan - Gateway Boosters (email)
Jeff Legters - Chorus Director (email)
Troy Kaper - Chorus Manager (email)

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