How do you become a part of Southern Gateway?

Are you a man who loves to sing?  Then you're exactly the person we are looking for!  Can't read music?  Don't worry, many of us started that way, and we provide learning tracks (recordings of someone singing your part) for every song.  

Every rehearsal is an open invitation to visit.  See this page for directions to our rehearsals. 

When you first visit Southern Gateway, someone will listen to your voice, to help determine what part you sing (Tenor, Lead, Baritone, or Bass). Then we will place you on the risers with a guest book, next to someone that sings the same voice part. Yes - you can jump right in! We encourage everyone to come to at least three rehearsals and then if you feel this is the hobby for you, we will give you a short simple song to learn, with sheet music and a learning track for your part. Once you feel ready you will sing that song, without music, in a quartet, for just our director and the section leader for your part. All members of the Southern Gateway chorus did exactly this same process to qualify to sing in the chorus.

Once you pass that audition you can then fill out an application, pay the dues and costume fee, and then you are a member. Once you become a member, all the music and learning materials to help you become a fully active member, performing member of the chorus will be available to you.

If you have any questions please contact our Membership VP or any member of the Southern Gateway chorus.